The Jobpod: finding work & meaning

2018-04-07 | BY Proven Recruiting's Editorial Team | IN Job Search Starter Kit, Job Seekers, Resume & Interviews

The Jobpod: finding work & meaning

If you’re wondering what comes next in your career, or how to go about finding work in this crisis, we’re happy to offer some guidance.

Every second Thursday on The Jobpod we’ll be sharing insights from industry leaders, hiring managers, and recruiting professionals as the market adapts to this new landscape.

Find past episodes here. 

Our Co-Founders Louis Song and Ingram Losner will keep you updated on… 

  • What’s happening in the job market?
  • How will COVID-19 impact hiring in the coming weeks, months, years?
  • Making D&I real, creating an inclusive environment from afar
  • How do I find a job as a new graduate, an older worker, or a recently jobless mid-career professional?
  • Interviewing in a virtual world
  • Which industries are hiring?

These sessions are completely free and informal, but space is limited. Please sign up using the form below to let us know if you can make it. And if you miss this week’s, you can always sign up again next week as we delve deeper into the ins and outs of today’s hiring market.

Here’s what people are saying on Yelp:

“Louis Song, the co-founder, led the event and taught the best practices when searching for a job. He gave simple, actionable advice that people working in any field could follow. Anyone who is not a serial job-seeker should attend one of these sessions and listen closely to Louis. He is incredibly intelligent and professional. This free workshop is a no-brainer and will pay off!” – Carolyn S. 

“Getting insight and guidance from a professional with over 20+ years experience in the business is extraordinary.  Although I am not currently looking for a job, I have not updated my resume in a very long time so receiving advice on how to best sell yourself as a candidate for jobs is an important skill to learn.  He gave me advice on not only how to make your resume more appealing, but also gave advice on interview techniques and etiquette.  In addition, he personally offered his assistance with my resume and LinkedIn profile.” David K


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